The Plant Based Podcast – in association with Natural Grower

Natural Grower, a Midlands-based company, has created a range of plant based, organic and vegan fertilisers and soil conditioners for home growers. 

The fertilisers and soil conditioners are the by-product of a renewable energy plant on the family farm. The renewable energy plant is fed with maize grown on the farm and produces electricity for the national grid. A sustainable, no waste process! The concentrated, natural plant feed formulations are an effective alternative to chemical fertilisers, and are rich in the nitrogen, potash, phosphate and other trace elements that plants need to thrive. All its products are approved organic, completely natural and approved vegan friendly!

Natural Grower also stock a range of responsibly produced plant containers, including a plant bag and hanging plant pockets for use in the house or garden.

Find out more about Natural Grower here.