The Plant Based Podcast – in association with Always Kalanchoë

Always Kalanchoë is the partner of series 5 of The Plant Based Podcast, joining in the celebration of plants, gardens and outdoor living.


Specialising in kalanchoë in single-flowering varieties, multiple-flowering, specialities such as the fascinating bell-shaped variety, indoor and outdoor, and even cut kalanchoë stems, Always Kalanchoë supplies plants for every preference and in all colours.


Always colourful and always available, kalanchoë makes an eye-catching gift for birthdays, housewarmings, anniversaries and more – year round! Plus, these plants are perfect for collectors, as they’re available in so many shades and varieties that you just never know what might appear in your collection next – it all depends on what is available at your local garden centre.


Not just cheery to look at, the kalanchoë is also a delight for those on the lookout for an easy-care plant. Simply place them in a sunny spot and keep the soil moist, and they should brighten up any location for years to come! Best of all, you can bring life and colour to balconies and patios by placing them outside from mid-May up to the first frost. So versatile!

Visit Always Kalanchoe today to find out more about this fantastic plant, and keep an eye out for their tell-tale blooms in your local garden centre!