The Plant Based Podcast – in association with Three Spirit

Three Spirit is a partner in series 5 of The Plant Based Podcast, joining in the celebration of plants, gardens and outdoor living.


These non-alcoholic, plant-based drinks will add a buzz to any situation, from all-night-long parties to a relaxing solo drink at home. Created by a mix of plant scientists, world-class bartenders, hedonists, herbalists and artists, every element of Three Spirit’s drinks are unique and well thought out – perfect for those who prefer something a little more alternative to the norm.

Enjoy rich, stimulating ingredients such as cacao, lemon balm and guayusa in one of the three bottles on offer: The Livener, The Social Elixir and The Nightcap.

(The Livener includes natural caffeine from the Guayusa plant, and when drinking Nightcap, we recommend not operating heavy machinery directly after drinking.)


Best of all, these delectable tipples won’t give you a hangover – so you can enjoy a fantastic evening without having to give up the rest of your weekend.

Each 50cl bottle is priced at £24.99. Available at and a range of stockists.