4 ways to use a Vegepod

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The Vegepod has revolutionised gardening from Australia to the UK, and a few places in between. This high-rise allotment is ultra convenient, delightfully no-dig, and easy to irrigate… I think it’s fair to say it makes growing vegetables in any space really quite effortless!

But, at our Plant Based Podcast HQ, we have very curious minds. We wanted to see if this fab invention could be used for plants other than vegetables… so we had a little play!

As a FlowerPod

Ellen and I did a bit of a challenge, and divided the Vegepod into two halves. I planted up a mixture of bedding, and included a whole rainbow of colours.

As a SaladPod

Ellen‘s half of the high-rise allotment was filled with salad crops, from germination to harvest no time at all, thanks to the netted covering that comes with the vegepod!

As a WildlifePod

How about really mixing things up with your Vegepod and planting up a range of plants to attract wildlife, you could get the bees and butterflies buzzing on your balcony or patio! You might also attract some beneficial insects that could help any crops you’re growing too.

As a RockeryPod

How about trying a spot of xeriscaping in your Vegepod, xeriscaping is the practice of using drought resistant plants or succulents in an outdoor setting. They don’t need any irrigation at all!

To find out more about Vegepod, visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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