5 Begonias to try in your garden

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Begonias are amazing. We hope you all enjoy this week’s episode, where we talk to the top begonia breeders in germany, Benary. But, with so many begonias to choose from, how can you find the begonia that’s right for you? Here is an exclusive top five from the guys at Benary, and we hope you’ll get some planted into your garden soon!

  1. Big is just as the name suggests, and potentially the largest bedding plant your ever grow. Just one plant can fill a 12 inch container, and you will be amazed at the flowering performance. There are a few different colours available, and you have the choice of either green or bronze foliage.
  2. Non Stop Joy is a very interesting plant. It is from the Non Stop series, which as the name suggests, flowers throughout the summer. However, Joy is a trailing variety. Its gently cascading stems are fantastic in windowboxes and baskets. And of course, they love sun or shade.
  3. Illumination – you may have even grown this without knowing as it’s labelled as many different varieties. However, when you see the name Illumination you know that you’re looking at a great performer, with a trailing habit and pom-pom like blooms. The most popular strain of Illumination is a mixture called apricot shades, which has sold in its millions over the years.
  4. Super Cool – this is not your typical semperflorens type begonia; this tolerates the cold, so starts blooming earlier, and goes on longer! It also has supersized blooms and luscious, water-lily like leaves.
  5. Groovy/Funky – these are both achingly contemporary begonias, which would take pride of place in any garden or patio. They are delicate and full of colour. They’re most suitable in hanging containers, and they go on to flower for months and months and months.

Visit https://www.benary.com/

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