5 Chelsea memories

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Ellen-Mary shares her top 5 memories from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show:

Garden Design

The Gold Medal winning Montessori Centenary Children’s Garden was a huge hit with bright colours, great planting and even a Rhino Greenhouse! The garden was led by the Montessori teaching method and was an engaging space to nurture children and teach them about the natural world alongside technology. Designed by Jody Lidgard from Norfolk.

Bill and Ben

Yes, Bill and Ben the flower pot men were at RHS Chelsea in 2019! You really can see just about anything there (just don’t mention Gnomes). There was a stunning display of colourful Chrysthanthemums with our best know pot men in the foreground situated in the floral marquee. The photo was in just about every newspaper and magazine out there.

The Queen

From Bill and Ben to the Queen! If you hang out at the end outside the gates you might catch a glimpse. Ellen Mary did, after standing there for about an hour!


One of the most wonderful flowers in late Spring/early Summer is the gorgeous globes of tiny stars making the Allium blooms but if you only know of Purple Sensation and Christophii think again! Ellen can recall seeing the various Alliums on the W.S. Warmenhoven display, showing the many different shapes and funky green alien looking varieties which she later added to the allotment cut flower list. Her social media post also went viral!

Rural Zimbabwe

Who could imagine a piece of Africa on the Chelsea Hospital soil?! The Campaign for Female Education, made a spectacular debut named the CAMFED Garden. Showing the importance of giving girls in Africa a space to grow was a colourful growing space that also won the Peoples Choice Award in 2019.

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