5 quick medicines you can make yourself at home

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These days, you can spend your money on many different types of medicinal products at your local supermarket. From headache tablets, to cough syrups, to so-called hangover cures, there is plenty of choice when it comes to products which may or may not make you feel better.

However, if you’re after a more holistic approach, there are also many plant-based remedies which you can put together at home.

We visited Michael Holland, Head of Education at the Chelsea Physic Garden, and here he gives his top five plant-based medicines (plus two essential bonuses):

Sage sore throat gargle: sage leaves, water, cider vinegar and a little salt

Rosemary and chamomile hair conditioner/rinse for shiny hair: apple cider vinegar and the herbs mentioned

Mouthwash: myrrh tincture, water, salt, spearmint essential oil and hydrogen peroxide

Squishy soap: liquid castile soap base, corn starch, porridge oats, sea salt, sesame oil, essential oils of choice (I use sandalwood and lemon) – moisturising body scrub and clean

Comfrey ointment: for bumps and scratches. Comfrey leaves and roots, infused in sunflower oil and then thickened with beeswax into a lip balm consistency


Rasam or pepper soup: South Indian recipe (Michael’s mother-in-law’s recipe) – not really a quick remedy but well worth the wait – numerous spices, but predominantly black pepper, tamarind, chilli, cumin, garlic with tomatoes and salt – great to scare away a cold!


Scented herb bag for sleep: Dried flowers of chamomile, lavender and hops with a little orris root powder (preservative) – wrapped up in cloth square to make a bag. Passionflower, and valerian can be added too.

Visit the Chelsea Physic Garden website here and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

‘Medicinal plants and remedies you can make at home’ reaches the library on 7th April 2019

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