5 reasons to buy bare-root

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If you’ve never bought bare-root plants – why not?! There are plenty of reasons to buy your plants like this. In fact, Howard Nurseries have given us 5!

Don’t be scared of bare-root –  they are a lot  tougher than you think.

They’re good for the environment – plastic-free gardening.

Buying bare-root gives you the chance to see the root structure – therefore helping to learn more about the plant. For example, Crambe cordifolia bare-root smells of cabbage – why? – it’s in the cabbage family!

Bare-root can give you a good sized plant to start with – the roots are ready to grow into soil.

Ample planting time – you can plant them from October to March to help establish for the following year.

A few examples of plants which are ideal to buy as bare-root:

  • Hemerocallis – Day Lily
  • Astilbe – Goatsbeard
  • Echinacea – Cone Flower
  • Iris – Bearded
  • Hardy Geranium

Visit Howard Nurseries’ website here.

Check back on 8th September 2019 to listen to this podcast episode!


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