Drinks that do something: 5 drinks to get you through summer

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A summer isn’t quite right without the perfect drink! In this post, botanic Lab give us their top five delicious drinks that you’ll be raving about this summer.

1) Our award-winning Dutch Courage, infused with Cannabidiol (CBD) is the perfect all-rounder to keep you social throughout the summer season. Whether it be for laid-back drinking, keeping your cool before a date or simply enjoyed as a sophisticated sophisticated soft drink best served on ice and garnished with a slice of lime.

2) Get those cogs turning in the morning and ready for the challenges ahead with our Seabuckthorn and Siberian Ginseng Mind Lube Hotshot. Packed with adaptogens and nootropics, this refreshing powerhouse will help beat the office heat, stimulated to awaken the senses and keep the mind sharp. No caffeine needed.

3) Off the back of our award-winning Dutch Courage, it’s time to skip the dramatics this summer with our new Cannabidiol (CBD) Hotshot, Mellowdrama. Paired with Schisandra Berry and Sweet Pineapple, it’s a laid-back luxury for your mind and tastebuds. This new hotshot will give you a slice of the tropics to help you keep calm on the go, whether it be travelling, sustaining those overcrowded summer commutes, or to close out the day during that summer heatwave.

4) Restore your thirst and strength with our One-Upmanship Juice. Packed with refreshing Yuzu and Activated Charcoal, this naturally hypertonic drink helps maintain that competitive advantage for the ideal summer sports drink, or your new summer lemonade to get you revved up and feeling full of energy. We’re all about pleasure as well as performance, after all.

5) Sometimes you need a bit of indulgence and our Maya Meditation is our go-to for a non-dairy alternative to cold brew, with added sunshine zen. This grown-up milkshake is an ideal refresher for the summer holidays or your morning walks to work. Infused with Arabian Coffee and the Damiana leaf which the Mayans believed gave a boost to sexual potency! This powerful plant was also revered by ancient cultures for its anxiety-reducing properties; your morning coffee just got serene. If you’re like us, you won’t want to stop after one…

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