How two plant developing companies raise new varieties

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In this week’s podcast, Michael chats to two different plant developing companies about how they raise new varieties!

Here’s some information on each one, as well as the sumptuous photos!


TomTato – the amazing plant which products tomatoes AND potatoes – it’s not GMO! Novelty for all ages, and it makes space saving sense!

Egg and Chips Plant – the next step in the innovative Solanaceae grafting series, easy ripen Aubergines on the top, and tasty potatoes on the bottom!

Begonia Dreams – using frozen pollen, Thompson & Morgan managed to create a fragrant begonia, smelling good whatever the weather…!

Begonia Solenia – an interesting variety which looks old fashioned, but is actually super modern, for sun and shade, indoors or outdoors! What could be more versatile??

Dahlia La Bella – finally there’s a Dahlia for any space, they don’t need staking and they flower from early summer, quite unlike the late showing varieties of yesteryear!


Petunia Queen of Hearts – an amazing, yet actually quite simple variety which has taken the world by storm! Easy for anyone to grow, and a nice valentines gift perhaps!

Petunia ‘Seashells – an exciting new development, not yet available to the public!

Petunia ‘Capella’ – a great garden centre variety, which stays small in the pot, but bursts into growth once it’s planted into the garden or it’s final container! Boom!

Petunia ‘Pistachio’ – a very special and artistic Petunia variety, but is it a marmite plant??

Verbena ‘Vanessa’ – a new bushy variety with mildew resistance in all climates. Uniform shape and abundant flowering, what more could you want from a plant?

Lantana ‘Experimental’ – kaleidoscope of colour, strong habit, it looks exotic but it’s actually super easy to grow!

Calibrachoa – these mini Petunias is are across mainland Europe, it’s strong and flowers its heart it! Could have a bright future in the UK too, fingers crossed!

Jamesbrittania – a lovely little paintbox of flowers, being developed into a strong retail item AND good garden plant by Danziger!

Nemesia – a strong fragranced patio plant which suits most weathers, and flowers longer than ever nowadays!

Portulaca ‘New’ – another new and exclusive plant, it’s andhrubby version of the traditional Portulaca, in a rainbow of colours!

Bidens – a reliable basket and filler plant, now in a range of fresh new colours!

Lavender Giant – I was astounded at the size of the flower on this lavender, it still has the usual delicious fragrance too!

Coreopsis ‘Golden Sphere’ – drought tolerant, easy care plant, with the most perfect round gold blooms. Never stops blooming!

Visit Danziger’s website here, and Beekenkamp here.

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