Why choose a real Christmas tree?

Choosing your festive tree is a personal choice, but it can be a difficult one, what with there being so much to choose from! You’ll find range of artificial trees and alternative trees in many supermarkets, home DIY stores and garden centres – but can anything beat the smell of a traditional tree?

Real Christmas Trees

When you are choosing your tree, think about the size and shape to suit your home. The most popular real Christmas trees available are:

  • Norway Spruce
  • Nordmann Fir
  • Blue Spruce

Nordmann Fir trees hold their needles well; Blue Spruce has beautiful blue needles; and the Norway Spruce is has the traditional tree shape.

What to look out for

When you choose your tree, check it out for any dead, diseased or damaged branches and brown needles. Also, you can run your hands along the stems with the needles between your fingers to see if any drop. No one wants dropped needles all over the floor!

How to care for your tree

As soon as you get your tree home, saw off about an inch from the bottom of the trunk and put it straight into water to keep it thriving. You’ll need to keep the Christmas tree holder topped up with fresh water, never let it dry out and ideally place your tree in a cool spot away from radiators to stop needle drop.

Happy Christmas!

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