5 ways natural fertiliser is better for your garden

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Natural Grower produces Soil Association and Vegan Society approved organic and plant based fertiliser. A family-run business, Natural Grower invested in a renewable energy plant and soon discovered that a by-product of this plant was a nutrient-rich organic fertiliser – great for gardeners, and for the planet!

Here, they give us five points on why their natural fertiliser is better for your garden:

  1. Natural Grower produce 100% plant-based products. They’re fully traceable and approved organic by the Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers, approved vegan by the Vegan Society and approved by the Bio Dynamic Association for use in biodynamic growing systems.
  2. The fertiliser is made from Maize as a by-product of a renewable energy plant which produces electricity for the national grid. This makes it sustainable and eco-friendly.
  3. It contains confirmed NPK values and trace elements that other fertilisers and soil improvers may not able to provide. This was proven in independent trial with tomatoes, and shown to be just as good as Tomorite.
  4. Suitable for all plants – fruit and vegetables, flowers, trees, grass and indoor plants.
  5. The soil conditioner works long term, slowly releasing the nutrients and improving the soil health and structure. Ultimately helping to keep plants disease free and strong. It can be dug in to the soil or compost, or used on the surface as a mulch. It is great at retaining moisture, which helps to reduce watering required over the hot summer months.

Visit Natural Grower’s website here.

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