Top 5 plant-based ingredients to always have in your cupboard

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by Joey O’Hare of allplants.

1. A healthy stash of toasted seeds. Throwing a spoonful or two of pre-toasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax or hemp is a real time saver over almost any salad is a real game changer. Seeds add satiating good fat to so many dishes. Why not try keeping a jar of your favourites all jumbled together in an omega rish medley!

2. Good quality tinned chickpeas! These are so key for speedy weeknight suppers. My girlfriend and I rely on them week in week out.

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil… on everything, always. I can’t get enough of the stuff and can feel the panic set in if stocks run low.

4. Tahini. Again, much like seeds, tahini adds satiating fat to otherwise light meals… try drizzling a spoonful over your favourite grain based salads, or stuffed red peppers. It’s got a natural earthiness and a pleasant bitterness which pairs very well with any sweet vegetable such as roasted root vegetables and red peppers.

5. Sauerkraut or kimchi! The flavours of fermented foods are a game-changer when it comes to plant-based cooking. They adds new layers of complexity and intrigue which lift and daal, curry or simple soup or salad to the next level. I have written a whole recipe series of fermented foods over on the allplants blog – check them out!

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