Lee’s top 3 tips to get kids gardening

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Lee Connelly, The Skinny Jean Gardener is a Gardening Podcaster. Through his work on CBBC Blue Peter and being the Author of How to get Kids Gardening, he brings you weekly garden content to get you and the family creating real memories, outside in the garden.

Here, he talks about the best ways to get kids involved with gardening.

1. Let the kids choose

When starting off gardening with kids I always think ‘Grow Your Own’ is the best thing to start off with, as they get to see the smallest of seeds turn into an actual vegetable that they can eat. But it’s not about the quickest thing to grow, they’ve got to love eating it too! So let them choose what they would love to see on the plate, and get growing from there. 

2. Give them their own space

Giving children their own space to grow gives them a sense of responsibility in the garden, and means they will actually care for and look after the plants – because without them, the plants will dry up and die. It’s all about them jumping up out of bed in the morning and going out to check on their own plants, to care for and nurture them. 

3. No Rules

Plants are going to get trampled on, paint is going to go everywhere and soil will end up in the wrong place. Try not to say ‘NO’, as this will add a negative vibe to gardening meaning they won’t want to get out there (I know this is hard as a parent to do).

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